As all our meals are freshly prepared to order,
We apologise for any delay this may cause.

All dishes shown in this menu are available as a take away service

Garlic Bread - Pizza bread topped with tomato


Garlic Bread Picante - Pizza bread topped with tomato, garlic & chillies


Garlic Bread with Cheese - Pizza bread topped with tomato, garlic & mozzarella cheese


Funghi Chef - Button mushrooms sautéed in cream, tarragon, garlic, white wine and topped with


Spare Ribs BBQ - Spare ribs in our delicious home made sauce


Bruschetta - A ciabatta bread topped with onion, tomato & basil sauce, grilled with fresh mozzarella


Chile Piquito - Fresh chillies filled with cream cheese then covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried


Enchilada -Wheat tortilla cheese, ham, fresh coriander & garlic, topped with a rich tomato sauce and oven baked


Quesadilla -Two soft flour tortilla filled with cheese & onion and served with salsa sauce and garnish


Nacho Dips -Crisp tortilla chips with melted cheese & jalapeños peppers served with salsa fresca and sour cream


Melon & Parma Ham -Pieces of juicy melon served with slices of parma ham


Involtini Di Salmone -Smoked salmon and prawns served with a side garnish


Prawn Cocktail -Julio's style or traditional


Mejillones Picantes -Fresh mussels cooked in garlic, white wine, tomato and a little chilli


Calamari -Fresh squid deep fried Julio's style


King Prawns Flambéed in brandy, white wine, garlic butter & tomato sauce


Minestrone Soup - Traditional Italian recipe £5.95
Fish Soup - Julios style £6.95

Crespella Dela Casa - Pancake filled with Mozzarella cheese, chicken, mushrooms,  onions, peppers, basil, bechamel and tomato sauce £9.95
Crespella Alla Verdura - Pancake filled with fresh vegatables, Mozzarella cheese, bechamel and tomato sauce  £9.95

Tagliatelle Salmone - Pasta cooked with smoked salmon and tomato then blended with cream £10.95
Tortellini Alla Panna - Meat filled pasta shells blended with cream, mushrooms, ham and Parmesan cheese £9.95
Spaghetti Bolognese £9.95
Tagliatelle VegetarianPasta ribbons cooked with mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomato £9.95
Spaghetti Carbonara - Pasta sautéed with bacon, onions, egg yolk and cream £9.95
Pollo Tagliatelle - Pasta ribbons cooked with cream, chicken, white wine and a touch of tomato £9.95
Lasagna Al Forno - Traditional style Lasagna £9.95

Leek & Bacon Risotto £9.95
Vegetarian Risotto £9.95
Paella Valenciana - Traditional Spanish paella rice mixed with seafood and chicken £12.95

Pizza Margarita - Tomato and Mozzarella cheese £8.50
Pizza Funghi E Prosciutto - Mushrooms, ham, Mozzarella cheese and tomato £9.95
Pizza Dolcelatte - Parma ham, tomato and Dolcelatte cheese £10.95
Pizza Mexicana - Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, salami, peppers, jalapeno and chilli £9.95
Pizza Marinara - Prawns, mussels, tuna, Mozzarella cheese and tomato £10.95
Pizza Stagioni - Tomato, mushrooms, ham, salami, onions and Mozzarella cheese £9.95
Pizza Hawaian - Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, ham and pineapple £9.95
Pizza Vegetarian - Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach £9.95
Pizza Al Tonno - Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, tuna, onions and olives £9.95
Calzone - Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onions, ham and salami topped with bolognese sauce and garnish £12.95

Fajitas - An exciting selection of meats cooked with bell peppers and onions, fried in special spices then accompanied by warm flour tortillas and served with sour cream and salsa dips
A choice of Chicken, Beef or a Combo (chicken and beef) 
Chilaquiles De La Abuela - Corn tortillas topped with a spicy tomato sauce, sour cream, chicken, onion and Mozzarella cheese then cooked in the oven £10.95

Sea Bass Alla Grilla - Halibut steak grill cooked with garlic butter, white wine and a touch of pepper £17.95
Filete De Salmon - Grilled fillet of salmon cooked in tomato, basil and white wine £13.95
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo - King prawns flambéed in brandy, white wine and garlic butter £17.95

Pollo É Gamberetti - Chicken breast cooked with prawns, garlic, white wine, cream and a touch of tomato £12.95
Pollo Mexicana - Chicken breast cooked in white wine, brandy, Tabasco, onions, mushrooms, cream and mixed herbs £12.95
Pollo Valdostana - Chicken breast cooked with Parma ham and Mozzarella cheese in a rich tomato and cream sauce £12.95

Bisteca Natural - Charcoal grilled sirloin steak £15.95
Bisteca Cacciatora - Sirloin steak cooked in red wine, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomato and demi-glacé £15.95
Bisteca Diane - Sirloin steak cooked with onions, mushrooms, brandy, demi-glacé, french mustard and cream £15.95
Bisteca Dolcelatte - Sirloin steak cooked in white wine, brandy, cream and Dolcelatte cheese £15.95
Filletto Rossini - Prime fillet steak cooked with the classic Madeira wine sauce demi-glacé and a dash of cream £20.95
Filletto Natural - Prime fillet steak charcoal grilled £20.95
Filletto Pimienta - Prime fillet steak cooked in red wine, cracked pepper corns, cream demi-glacé, french mustard and brandy £20.95
Main meals include vegetables or salad garnish

French Fries£2.50
Jalapeño Chilli Peppers£1.95
Mixed Salad£3.25
Tortillas (order of 3)£1.95
Sauces - Salsa or sour cream£1.95

Home made Tiramisu -Traditional Italian liqueur cake £3.95
Chocolate Pancake - Pancake with ice cream, topped with hot chocolate sauce and cream £4.50
Brandy Pancake - Hot pancake sprinkled with sugar and flamed with brandy £4.50
Orange Pancake - Hot pancake sprinkled with sugar and fresh orange juice £4.50
Lemon Pancake - Hot pancake sprinkled with sugar and fresh lemon juice £4.50
Coppa Ala Vainilla - Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, Amareto liqueur, chopped nuts, cream, vermicelli and topped with a cherry £4.50
Lemon or Mango Sorbet £3.95
Assorted Ice Creams - Vanilla - mint - chocolate - strawberry ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce £4.50